Fix Breakout, Please...

Hello all,

It has recently come to my attention that Extermination is absolutely terrible. There is a time and a place for it. However, that time in place is in a completely other dimension than that of Breakout. They are both extremely competitive, and will give any player a rush of adrenaline when they’re the last man standing. The goals are similar too, right? Kill all other players? For Breakout, no…

Exterminations objective is to kill all enemy player before any other can re-spawn. Sure, it’s a cool idea. However, even when I win a match, I stare of into the distance… Contemplating life… All whilst muttering to myself, "Wow… That was awful…" Whereas with Breakout, there’s more to it. If you die, that’s it… you’re dead that round… oh well. You certainly take it a lot more serious than running guns blazing into the middle of four other enemy players on Extermination.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not think that extermination should be removed. I simply believe that Breakout and Extermination should be a separate game-type. Let players decide which they want to play, instead of making them sit in a lobby… gambling between which game-type they will receive.

343i, I love the games you’ve been throwing our way ever since you took over. I love Halo 5 especially. I can’t wait to see Infinite… but please…for the love of Valhalla, fix Breakout, and give it a separate game-type, other than Elimination.


  • Captain Chumly with the Black Falcons

Even I personally want this. But sadly, it probably would never happen, due to the fact that we have a very low population already. And of course, the game is very old now. It’ll be going into its 5th year after October. And as time passes, it will receive less and less updates.
I personally don’t like Breakout 2.0 in this playlist as well. But I guess, we’ll all have to deal with it.

Feel free to use the breakout feedback thread for this kind of thing

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