Fix aim assist on PC

The aim assist bug on PC is awful.


I actually agree with you…I don’t play pc but I’ve watched plenty of videos to be able to tell I do think mnk players deserve a little aim assist…you guys only get bullet magnetism…we get both but I say a little aim assist…not as much as we have for obvious reasons but I also say that because I fair much better in ranked open cross play then playing against other controller players in solo duo. So it’s clear that the casual mnk player really doesn’t stand a chance against a controller player like myself. That said a player who plays everyday and is good could wipe the map with even the best controller players.

It is awful. The game is crawling with bugs.

the worst is with the sniper rifle in my experience. Set up a training thingy with bots and sniper with infinite ammo to really dig into it. The amount of guff shots that should’ve hit but for some reason just didn’t is wild, mostly no scoped. If you crouch and aim about the belt middle it struggles to miss and sometimes you get lucky and it works as you’d hope, but many others it’s just baffling especially if you’re moving at all. What’s the crosshair for when the shots don’t go there hah. And it’s not a matter of bloom because it can be the first shot you fire. You can’t be creative and bold with weapons when the weapons don’t work as intended consistently in the first place.


This happens with all the guns and is most likely a bug or related to desync. Happens for whole matches sometimes where aim assist feels turned off.


This isn’t what the OP is talking about. There is a bug that causes players to lose aim assist on controller.

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That’s lame…just another issue 343 has to fix…you know after of course the store to buy things cuz that’s always #1