Five Ways To Fix the Battle Pass Before Launch

No need for an explanation, let’s jump in.

  1. Weekly stipend of challenge skip- to complete the Weekly Ultimate, there are some challenges that just can’t done by some players based on preference of mode and/or weapons. If you want to sell skips, whatever. But provide them for free as well.

  2. Freely give Premium Currency-again, if you want to charge, whatever. But either every level or every other level of the pass should provide this currency, similar to how Fortnite gives V-Bucks with their passes.

  3. Explanations for UI elemets-What is the Orange Star? What are the different color backgrounds of weekly challenges? How close am I ACTUALLY to completing the weekly ultimate? I have no idea.

  4. Less Grind- No single challenge for picked up weapons should be 15 kills. 10 for power, 5 for precision is my suggestion. 15 is okay for starters like the pistol and AR.

  5. Performance based progression-currently, the matches don’t feel rewarding, and worse, the current system encourages players to focus on their challenges, not the match itself.