five enjoyable Firefight gametypes

I finally finished five firefight gametypes, each one based on the traits of certain

1.brute- a simple gametype based off of the states of a brute, big, strong, and covenent weaponry. This gametype will have you fighting all non-brute covenent.

2.flood juggernaut- Your states and health are increased tremendously as you rampaage through the arena as an enemy so powerful Bungie was forced to cut from halo 2. The character can move fast, jump high, and hit hard, weapon spawn is melee only.

3.ODST- Recreated from the states from ODST, this gametype has been done often, and I personally believe this gametype got ODST’s pretty good.

4.Skirmisher- No shields, super speed, and pink misty weapons only. Player will spawn with super-speed, and can jump higher than a jetpack can fly. Player will be vulnerable to headshots and is highly advised to just keep running.

5.Hunter- Any true description needed, faster than normal speed, heavy health, low jump height. Player will spawn with Gravity hammer and Fuel rod. This and Skirmisher are my two personal favorites.

Hope you enjoy these five gametypes, feel free to add what you thin I should do to them to make them better, and please no bashing especially with bats.

can’t believe I forgot the link: Gametypes

Wait, are they suppose to be links to these? Are they precreated?

> Wait, are they suppose to be links to these? Are they precreated?

link up