fists in multiplayer?

so I’m sure you all watched that e3 video. I wanna talk about the part where chief has got no guns and whips out his fists. Is this going to be something that you can do at any time? is it just going to be something that you do at specific points in the campaign? is it only going to happen when you run out of ammo for both guns? and the very far fetched question but will we be able to do this to any extent in multiplayer? machinimas baby! and of course crazy mini-games which I am all about.

what do you think is most likely and what do you want to see 343i do with this added feature?

I think the trailer only showed a brief cinematic when Chief was forced into a fist-to-fist situation. I would’nt hate it though if you can go without a weapon though.

I would guess that it only happens in certian moments in the campaign

It may just be cinematic. I guess we’ll know for sure once more multiplayer footage is released.

fist fighting anyone? He pissed that Promethean off

I think it is a little cinematic, Like in Halo Reach, on Winter contingency where noble team is jumped by the three zealots. Then Noble six punches him in the face and they run away and Noble six and Jorge chases them down, resets the junction, and ends the mission

There was an e3 trailer?

WOW i didn’t know this.