First Week Notes and Review?

/////// This is very long and apologies in advance for that. I’ve been adding and adjusting this thru out the week. I do want to note that I have about 48 hrs and over 150 games played at this point. I’m also at Tier 18 of the Battle Pass with no additional money spent, except for Halo Rockstar codes. About 5 of those at time of posting. I’ve been playing a lot and having a lot of fun. Just have feelings about certain things. ////////////

General Multiplayer

BATTLE PASS: Even after the change to reward 50xp after each matches. It would require 2,000 matches played to reach Tier 100 on the battle pass. Doing all Weekly Challenges gives 5,200xp. It would require 19.25~ weeks of completing every weekly challenge to reach Tier 100 on the battle pass. Players will be given 17 XP boosts from the Season Pass. That’s 17 hours of bonus XP. Would at most boost the Weekly Challenges to give 10,400XP, which is enough for. . . . 1 tier. . . . I feel a better system needs to be implemented. Otherwise I see typical players will stop purchases battle pass, feeling that they will never reach the rewards they want.

We shall see how Fracture Events affect Battle Pass progression. If you have to divert xp to work on the Event Rewards I see potential problems. Especially if there isn’t a special set of challenges for the Fracture.

REWARDS: I know the Multiplayer is FREE TO PLAY. I know that more cosmetic rewards will be found in Campaign. I know that future Content will add plenty of customization options. That said. The amount of rewards tied to special promos and the store itself is too much. I’m hopeful that the Ultimate Challenge will reward content originally seen in the Store, but with the current state of store based cosmetics, especially for the Default Armor Core, it feels like too much. More ways to earn that gear, even if it take a substantial grind, needs to happen. Pls 343. Takes notes from Fortnite and Destiny micro-transactions. While it sucks to see cool cosmetics that you don’t have enough in-game currency to buy, it feels worse to know you can only get it
thru spending money.

GRENADES: Grenade rate feels too high. Most players have 4 grenades immediately after re-spawn due to spawning w/ 2 grenades and maps providing a high rate of grenade locations also offering 2 grenades. Currently, due to frequency of grenades, cover often feels pointless while in engagements. Often times death is unavoidable due to pure volume of grenades having been thrown during a single instance. Re-spawn rate of Grenades on Equipment Nodes is to Frequent.

PLAYER OUTLINES: Currently feel too obtrusive. The amount of bright color on my screen at a given time makes it hard to spot weapons and equipment on the ground, incoming ordinance, and game mode objectives. Doesn’t help that weapon and vehicle icons are gray. Due to intensity of outlines stealth (especially in modes like BTB) is near impossible.

SCOPE GLARE: Would be nice if the glare didn’t shine thru tree’s and certain geometry.

4v4 CTF

SPAWNS: Spawns felt to exposed, would often re-spawn, walk 2 steps forward, then be team shot from across maps. Lanes often felt too open with not enough cover. Found that due to spawns having a limited selection of options games would feel impossible to recover from once lost, due to vastly separated spawns from teammates and spawn kill potential. Especially on maps like [Behemoth]

FLAG: Even though the Flag holder appears on the map for all players while sprinting. . . The ability to throw the flag and grab it again a little faster like in previously titles is sped up due to ability to sprint with the flag. Sprinting in general feels in-balanced mostly on smaller 4v4 maps due to the speed of sprinting and the re-spawn positions in
the mode.


VEHICLES: The randomness of vehicle spawns feels bad. Often times the enemy would receive a Scorpion ordinance while my team would receive a wasp. The rate at which players in the wasp won engagements against a player in a Scorpion was 0%. Vehicle spawns need to be the exact same for both teams. Getting poorly matched vehicles creates an inherent advantage for one team. Example. (Scorpion vs. Wasp) (Wasp vs. Wraith) My personal “fix” would be, Give both teams the exact same vehicles
at the same time. Unless a game mode specifies otherwise.

EQUIPMENT NODES: With the importance of finding gear for challenges plus general gameplay it feels ‘off’ having no “all the time” set weapon locations. Weapon spawn locations feel as if they are often meant for the player to have to go thru every one every game to find the gear they are best with. A nice change would be if weapons had their spawns set. At least set per map and mode.