First WARNING ⚠️ Pulse Carbine 🤕

I’m here to warn all those who were seeking a buff for Pulse Carbine and, especially for those asking that doesn’t even use the weapon except to complete a challenge for the Pulse Carbine that when this buff goes live you will regret it immediately when running into players such as myself who absolutely already love this weapon as it stands now.

What mean is, I already destroy eniemes with this thing and I can’t imagine how much more I’m going to beast with the PC once it is receives it’s buff.

Not to mention my second favorite plasma gun is the Plasma Pistol and that too is getting buff. Oh my my. This is the first time ever weapons I use frequently and almost exclusively, are getting buffed that I didn’t think needed to be. So when it happens look out!!!

Becareful what you ask for. I know almost for a fact that the majority of those asking for the PC buff wasn’t because you actually use it like I do but, only because when you had to use it for a challenge it took longer than you wanted it to.

I can’t wait for this buff now. And you have been warned!!!


It is indeed already op at effective range, i cant even imagine how broken it will be with buffed tracking
Have to say tho the plasma pistol do need improvements

I’m going to have a field day with this thing until 343 reduces it back down. Because it’s going to happen and it won’t last but one season. Calling it now!

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They are definitively going to re-balance it a couple of times in the next seasons to come :joy:

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Are you playing on console or PC? It’s been a while since I held the gun. I’m going to give it a second look the next time I try it but I think on PC you don’t get the red reticule unless you zoom in with the pulse carbine? It doesn’t help that making the enemy team have non-red colors makes my crosshair turn whatever color it’s set to.

I’d love to see some gameplay footage of it in action that’s not a string of highlights. Is the gun actually good or is it most deadly against newbies? It seems pretty easy to counter so long as you’ve got some distance and a wall to hide behind. I don’t think I’ve been attacked with the gun very often.

It needs a buff to the projectile speed. It has the slowest speed of any Plasma bolt weapon in Halo history.

Buffing the speed will make it just right. I kinda use it over the SK as a midranged skirmishing tool because I’ve learned to rely on its homing and AR spraying to make up for 343 putting me in 100 ping games all the time


What would you consider your skill level? I don’t really notice people use it or at least be effective with it at mine and I’m not at the highest tier of skill. Videos of pros I watch pretty much never have anyone using it, so I can’t imagine you’re actually doing as well with it as you think you are.

EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to you, I keep accidentally doing that.

It’s honestly my least favorite gun, but that could be due to desync and using a mouse with no aim assist magnetism. My friend that uses controller seems to like it. I think the major issue is just desync though. Most of these complaints about things needing buffs or nerfs are 90% likely desync issues, and the game would feel pretty balanced if 343 ever fixes it.

The Pulse Carbine needs both an buff as a nerf.

Buff: plasme speed needs to be buffed, it is to slow and therefore its to easy to just walk away from the fire.

Nerf: the damage needs to be nerfed. Per shot it’s 3 or 4 ‘bubbles’ but even 1 bubble will totaly wreck your shields already. That’s a bit to much. It should be nerfed so that at least the full shot (all 3 or 4 bubbles) needs to hit to drop shields.

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Oh no. This man about to take off.

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No gamertag on halotracker… maybe hes too pro?

In high diamonds, onyx 1700, noone uses it.

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What they NEED to do is bring back the Plasma Rifle. The Pulse Carbine can stay in its niche for stripping shields at a very specific range. And the Plasma Rifle be here for people who want to strip shields at close range and actually be able to kill something when we need it too. Brute Plasma Rifle from H5 was so much fun and balance and it’s a shame it didn’t come back.

Ya plasma rifle is really all i want next to the covenant carbine i hated that they named it the brute plasma rifle when it was the signature weapon of the elite along with energy swords before brutes came around

Like red one i can stretch and say thats a brute plasma rifle but when i look at that weapon and the original it will always be a elite weapon

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Oh yeah, I’m fine with the PR or the BPR, but in the case of Infinite I’d rather see the BPR because we’re fighting the Banished and they’re mostly Brutes… and red. Plus the BPR has that sweet enhanced fire rate, but lower overheat threshold that I feel makes the gun more interesting to use.


You don’t ‘destroy’ with the pulse carbine. It’s hilariously underpowered and is so ineffective against most weapons that a buff is necessary to make the majority of the player base able to use properly.

But sure, you’re amazing with it.

…Who are you destroying? Is your Elo like… Bronze?


People are still playing this game?

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I’ve never once not even close range got a kill with it. It’s garbo just like the br. I had video of shooting a guy with the br 2 mags no kill. The pulse carbine I’ve got people until it overheated and still no payoff.

Guess we will just have to stick to using our BR’s and Sidekick combos lol.

This next season is themed after us… The headhunters


It’s only good against noobs. In high onyx lobbies it’s trash. It’s ok if you can get a hit on them then you switch to your BR and finish them