First time poster! 343 issues.

Hello all! I’ve lurked through the forums and read alot of post regarding Halo 4 and stuff that needs changing and is broken, this is my first time posting on a forum outside of Reddit but my god somethings you people saying I 100% agree with!

Halo Single player for example! What is going on…Halo 1,2,3 had so many memorable moments to late to change now but when I played COOP legendary and face rolled the game I was left wondering is this it… :frowning: I didn’t have any moments to remember idk if it was the Promethean home planet that ruined it the only level I enjoyed was Infinity we were in a Forrest and it felt so much like Halo 2/3 and I love the map because of it. I hate the new Alien buildings they seem so common in every level I feel like I’m repeating myself with a new skin. Battling on a human civil planet was awesome!!! like that Highway mission in H3 everyone loves that level.

Now to Multiplayer!!! my main issues are!

DR <—I love this game but my god its OP, I couldn’t even play a decent game of SWAT with that weapon I remember back in H2 and 3 just using a BR/SMG/Pistol was fine enough.

Alien Weapons <— Seems to be no place for these weapons besides the odd occasion like power weapons and what not.

Grenades ← I’m finding them completely useless besides the ODD corridor. Plasma Grenades feel different but can’t describe how nothing like Halo 4 though.

Sniper <— I love to snipe but whats up with scoping if your shot it should zoom you out again. You could harass a sniper all day but he can still headshot you zoomed in :\

BR/Carbine <— I don’t even use these weapons anymore it feels limited.

CTF <— Ragnarok specially those Mantis they are way OP I can’t even drive a Mongoose into the enemy’s base without getting raped by a Ghost/Mantis combo.

Driving anything in Halo 4 feels odd specially the mongooses they were so fun in H3 now idk what to think they are so terrible. Warthog feels terrible underpowered.

Race Mode? VIP? Assault? Juggernaut? <— :frowning:

Please listen to your community once you start getting wave after wave of people complaining you must step in and say your working on these issues or your not. All the community want is to be heard and for use to respond with something…We feel like we are being left in the dark. Please fix MP so all of us can stop complaining and start playing. I love Halo!

Create a Classic Playlist and remove Sprint and perks :slight_smile: (I demand Halo 2,3 game style!)

Welcome to the forums.


Same complaints as mostly everyone else who has complaints. Move along, move along.