First time beating Halo 2

When you beat one of the best Halo games, Halo 2, how did you feel? I just recently beat it on my 360, and now I feel like a Mtn Dew baptized war veteran.


Usually blinded by its majesty!


It was my introduction to the franchise, and about 16-17 years ago I first played it. So I really don’t have any specific memories unfortunately :confused:
Just remember loving the game.

Totally an utterly Exhausted!

I know when it first came out some people didn’t like the cliff hanger ending but honestly it just got me hype for Halo 3 back in the day.

Great game and i wish CE had gotten the same quality anniversary as H2 did.

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Disappointment. Once I realized most of what they showcased during E3 2003 was cut or heavily altered, I had trouble getting into it. The cliffhanger ending just sealed the disappointment.