First thing you will do with Halo 4


I´ll Stare at the box while i decide what to do after that.

Always works.

Ill either do Campaign, or I’ll go into forge and see the new/old vehicles and weapons. Oh and customize my spartan if possible.

Lift the package from the desk at the mail office…

Jokes aside, I’ll most likely look what I have been given with whatever edition I have bought. If there is anything interesting I need to know, I check it before actually jumping into the game. Then when I finally get to the disk itself, I’ll launch my Legendary solo run through.

I always, always, ALWAYS play campaign on any game before I do anything else. In fact I always complete campaign on the hardest difficulty (if they -Yoinking!- allow it) before I touch anything else. But that’s just me.

Forge looking at the weapon spawns on every map, then ranked MM.

I always play the campaign first.

Champaigne uh I mean campaign.

install to HDD

Campaign, obviously. It’s what I bought the game for. By the way, you forgot Forge in your poll. That’s the second thing I’ll be doing.

Probably stare at the box. then forge every vehicle and every weapon.

i will smash it in the store and laugh at all the people that didnt get a copy, and then i will go play my second copy muhahahahaha

Might be the first game since my preorder of Halo 3 that I end up buying used…

Im going to finish the campaign, then go into forge and create some zombie maps, (if that’s an official gamemode) and then jump into some Multiplayer.


  1. Arrive at either Gamestop or Microsoft store to get it (early in the morning so I can play campagin and have time for teh multiplayer.

  2. Get home

  3. Stare at box with great admiration

  4. Beat campaign

  5. Ask friends if they’ve gotten it yet.

6.Mess around in Forge

7.Play MM

  1. Spartan Ops

  2. There will be time for CGs later.

I know you said the FIRST thing but I wanted to share my whole plan.

Box stare → Campaign

Look at custom game options, go into a custom game, mess with settings.

well first I like to go into forge just to see what objects there are then I would probably go into the campaign, then MM, then spartan ops.

I’ll install it to my hard drive.
Then while I’m waiting I’ll look at all that comes with the legendary edition. Or what ever edition is the top.
Then campaign. These days are going by so fast.

Ill do what i did with halo 3 and reach

1: look at shiny box while downloading to my hdd
2: download any dlc that it comes with
3: go into a custom game and get adjusted to new set up
4: get a shot in campaign
5: create MP spartan, get a couple matches in
6: kick -Yoink- in spartan ops
7: ¿¿¿
8: profit