First thing you notice

What’s the first thing you notice in this picture?

This is awkward… erm… his shoulder plates are different. Definitely.

You mean how mc has morning wood?

I notice something is missing.

Was that the first thing you noticed though?

it isnt his shoulder pads its his jet pack. go to youtube and type in halo 4 teaser

Well , it wasn’t the first thing I noticed but I like MC’s gloves/gauntlets. For some reason they look really cool to me.

chief looks more like a robot then ever. and the awesome launcher.

First I saw the pistol grenade launcher, then I saw, erm, MC’s wake up boioioioing.

That Chief’s groin piece is missing.

Considering Spartan IIs have a reduced sexual drive due to their augmentation, whoever modified Master Chief’s armor probably decided that his gentlemen region therefore wasn’t worth protecting.

I noticed how much different the Master Chief looks compared to the previous games.

I prefer the Halo 2/Halo3 model. I really dislike the Halo 4 version…

Morning wood, he’s been stiff for a while so it takes a little time to get back to his regular self.

It does’t matter, it’s just a cgi teaser mockup, the final version will probably be different.

The Mk IV armor from CE is the best armor. Any armor designed to take energy blasts would be smooth with as few crevices and ridges to maximize deflection. Even the iridescent shine on the original halo ce suit made more sense than the flat greens that came after it. I always thought the iridescent paint was just another prismatic layer to help disperse incoming energy.

Well Id say Fire, Chief, and thats about it.

Fire in space… lolwut? o_O

What’s wrong with fire in space? You have the appropriate fuels and the right amount of thermal overflow and you get fire.

Obviously MC looking really different than Halo2/3.

Aside from the fiery background…


OOOOOO EEEEEEM GEEEEEEE! He is gonna shoot his hand! Don’t do it MC, don’t do it!