First post on the new Website. (Also flood stuff)

Halo Infinite will be incredible and I am quite sure of this. Brute design has been fixed, Elite design is at a 343 Peak. Grunts are getting the love they deserve, and the Jackals are back to nightmare territory. My only question is, if the flood are in this game, what do you guys think 343 will aim for?
Edit: And I mean design-wise.


Because it’s T-rated I’d be worried the Flood wouldn’t be as horrifying or gruesome as the OG trilogy. Yes I know HW2 was T-Rated, but the big difference between up close Flood models, and seeing Flood from an RTS POV. Congrats on first post


Keep in mind Awakening the Nightmare was rated T and it had some pretty gruesome flood cutscenes :man_shrugging:


That opening cutscene was pretty intense

The bar for what is considered truly gruesome has lowered a lot since Halo 3 game out, I think that you could have the flood and still get away with a hard T rating. Honestly speaking Halo has always been a soft M

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Pretty pumped about this that is for sure.

The Halo 4 flood spartans were 343’s test baby. Personally I think it was an… Interesting take on the flood. However, seeing what they did with the H2A flood spartans and elites gives me hope.

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It would be great to see the flood - it would be amazing as a surprise reveal too, when sitting down with the game in December.

But if not in the Launch campaign, future Campaign DLCs could introduce new villains, old villains, the flood, etc. I’m excited for all the potential possibilities!


I think 343 will bring the flood in through DLC campaigns to ensure they can have the T rating on the launch product for mass appeal.


The floods are bound to come back at some point. It’s just a matter of time. But I doubt we will see them in the first Halo Infinite campaign.
For sure, it’s a thing for later, but not now.


I hate fighting the flood, but it does feel right so I’ll welcome them back with open arms and fire.

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This seems like a very good idea to me since it would allow to have different products within Halo Infinite for different ages, and to be able to have more control parents to avoid problems.


The game is rated T. There will be no flood.

Ratings for games and movies are so fickle and really it all depends who is on the rating board at the time. So what may be a Teen rating to some may be a Mature rating to others.

I believe the original Halo: CE was going to be an AO 21+ rating before they changed the blood color of Elites from red to purple. Even some movies avoid R ratings simply by changing the color of urine from yellow to clear. Yeah that ridiculous. So to say these days having a Teen rating will not have this or that because of the rating is a far stretch. People (not all I’m sure) who used to be on the ratings boards are no longer there and, more younger minds (compared to years past) have been appointed.

In short, Halo could have a Teen rating and still have the Flood in my opinion and take it from me, most would consider me a “Boomer”, though I’m only 40. Lol

It could have a heavily censored version of the flood that lacks detailed gore, infection animations, or gib-ing. If we can’t have friggin human blood splatters on the ground then its pretty evident none of the flood stuff is going to fly.

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  1. They will certainly have a more flood themed infection mode, what that means exactly is hard to say, but it likely won’t be called infection.

  2. I expect to see tons of different forms, lots of variety, biggest question is whether or not they’ll be there at launch.

People always bring this up, but there are a number of caveats.
First, that was introduced as DLC that I strongly doubt the ESRB ever saw. It’s possible that the ESRB might have objected to it had it been part of the game as it was released.
Second, at no point in those cutscenes are human combat forms depicted, significantly decreasing how disturbing it is.
Third, cutscenes may be held to a less strict standard than actual gameplay. There’s a difference between a cutscene showing an act of violence and the player doing the act of violence themselves.

The Flood as depicted in Halo 2: Anniversary could never, ever be part of a T-rated game.

Yeah, this is the only way the Flood can be a part of the game. The ESRB rating is out, and one of the descriptors is Blood, not Blood and Gore, so unless 343 pulls a fast one on the ESRB and releases DLC that violates the confines of the game’s original rating, it’ll either be this or no Flood at all. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter. I’m not a fan of the Flood as enemies.

I hope we see a surprise reveal of the flood like in CE. This would be the true spiritual successor if they paid homage to the original.

To people saying the flood wouldn’t be as gory with a T rating. I raise you the fact that the flood are T rated level gore in the first place as they lack red blood.