First Play Through of the Campaign

How should I play though the entirety of the campaign for the first time. My brother has only played the first and second mission and says it’s fun but legendary is harder, so how should I play though the game for the first time come November 10th at 12:30pm AWST?

Go legendary, save yourself having to go back and do it later on, personally the story isn’t all that great, in fact its pretty lackluster, as it’s short and leaves way too many questions unanswered. Atleast amping up the difficultly prolongs the story’s length to a certain degree.

Go Legendary, it might seem a bit harder, than previous Titles , but in general it is ok.

There are 1 or 2 Points where it gets a bit hectic, but that’s it.

I am gonna go back now and play it solo, before i cooped with 2 friends , it was a blast =)