First person unit control?

I got a weird idea that halo wars 2 should have first person unit control. Do you agree?

Toss this in one of the other threads where this idea gets shot down

Imagine how sick, yet terrifying that would be in the eyes of a raging arbiter attacking 13 canister tanks.

This feature would be cool, and combat the ineffective aim of our units sometimes, by allowing us control. A rts game, men of war, implemented a similar feature in which you aim for the unit, with a recticle showing your aim.

I can see halo wars 2 mimicing this practise, but doing this in a 1st person mode would take alot of careful and perfect timing to develop. Could this be done?

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For the love of god can we get a locked sticky thread with Rudy explaining why this idea is retarded. I swear there is a new thread on this every damn week.
in short:
stop asking

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I’d like to hear or see Rudy’s argument to this. Just curious.
I’m not for it either, but that just because I think that would ruin the whole point of the game being a RTS vs an FPS

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> No. This takes the Real-Time Strategy out of RTS.
> Control all of your troops, not just one.
> Why it worked well with the Covenant leaders is because it was ONE and only ONE predetermined unit that was controlled with a slightly more zoomed in presence and limited time for that special control. It did not change the balance of individual units. The time-resource nature of leader control forced the Covenant players to still closely and effectively control their armies.
> You can’t just do this willy-nilly with Marine squads, Spartans, etc because it then throws off the balance of the unit proficiencies and counters.

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> > I’d love it to have a first person thing, it’s not like it’d ruin the game, you guys are seriously being ridiculous, you’d have the same health as the unit normally would except you could control it, big deal.
> It then ceases being an RTS. That is the problem. You do not need First Person view in an RTS. It would only severely hinder your control of your units and economy.
> Control of units and economy from a topdown view is the basis of Real Time Strategy. You cannot take the First Person view of one unit and remain in tactical control of your entire command force.
> You taking a FPS view would leave your units without orders and objectives. Again, that is the whole idea behind RTS’s. You giving orders to your units. While in an FPS view you cannot issue orders to units (except perhaps in a very limited proximal squad way, whereas RTS’s generally employ large numbers of units) nor manage your economy (resource management, upgrade research, unit training).
> If you don’t want to do that, why are you playing an RTS? What purpose does being in an FPS view serve in an RTS? It would have absolutely zero benefit to you and only hinder your control by removing the method of standard RTS command input.

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> > If you go into FPS, who is leading the rest of your troops? The correct answer is no one. In an RTS players typically need to be able to properly control units, and view the battlefield. You can’t do either if your are from an FPS perspective getting carpet bombed.
> Exactly. You play an RTS to be a force commander; the Officer giving the orders and not the troops following them.
> You issue commands (in real time) and they are followed (in real time).
> Real-Time Strategy. RTS. get it?

I don’t feel like digging up more responses.

Agreed this should not be allowed to happen RTS is not and i repeat IS NOT something that you would add a FPS view to. That being said stop trying to ruin gaming by suggesting something completely idiotic.


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> I got a weird idea that halo wars 2 should have first person unit control. Do you agree?

Maybe for PC but definitely not for XBox

remember I just wanted to know if it would be cool so I really am not asking for it.

I think we need to be a little nice to him guys, he’s just speaking his mind out.

I like this idea in the sense of controlling an indivisual unit’s aim and movement, like the arbiter for example, because thats giving the unit and order to do something, hence the rts setting of the game. I’d love to snipe my enemy with a cobra across my side on frozen valley. Or maybe control a 2 star spartan about to die, and help him walk over a tiny space through my tanks.

Turning it into an fps perspective. Eh, I dont know about putting an fps element into an rts. An rts wants to be far away as possible from the fps lol. It’d be cool in certain parts of the campaign perhaps. but i dont know about multiplayer.

Last I checked, there wasn’t any FPS in that recipe for an RTS game.

If they do this, I at least want it with the Spartans. It would be interesting to see another Spartan-II POV before 2552 with the Mk IV armor instead of Mk V, Mk VI, or even the Spartan-III or ODST armor.

The heroes could but then imagine how smooth the gameplay in first person would be but how hard it would be for the other player to kill you cause you’re jumping around and dodging.

It would not be that difficult, and if you could control one unit at a time then it would not be that unbalanced. It would also depend on the skill of the player.

> 2535465386031384;1:
> I got a weird idea that halo wars 2 should have first person unit control. Do you agree?

I think that it would add perspective, but you would have to come up with a way to command your units and build up your base all while in first person, now that has NEER been attempted, and it never will, atleast, not unless you could find the right people with the right skill sets to make it happen, they have the time to do so, however people of that magnitude and skill take time to find, theres interviews, payrolls, alot of planning would need to go into it. But i say again there is time to implement it and find the people, they have until november, when all the previous halo games have always been released.

its an interesting idea and i wouldnt complain, some games have done rts with the option of controlling individual units fairly well

that said, how would you balance it?

you would not be able to control any other units as well as the fact that you have the same amount of health as the particular unit

There are 6 FPS Halo games already.

get your filthy peasant hands off my RTS series.