First person prospective assassinations?

I figured this idea would be purely optional, but it would add some really cool perspectives to my personal favorite addition to the halo series.

Picture this: PlayerA runs after playerB with a sword and pulls off the assassination. The assassin’s view of plunging the sword in his victim’s back would be incredibly satisfying and give that player a real bad–Yoink- predator feel. PlayerB’s prospective would me much more personal, where he would look down and see the sword coming out of his gut.

Now, removing the assassin’s ability to look around would screw him/her up in the fact that he/she can’t see a new enemy approaching from behind, but at least to me that would be pretty worth it. It really wouldn’t matter for the victim since he would die anyway.

The idea wouldn’t break my heart if we didn’t get this, but the 3rd person stuff kinda removes the player from what he just achieved.

What are your thoughts? Should we get the choice of a 1st person assassination or just leave it the way it is?


Have you played BF3? The first-person assassinations can scare the -Yoink- out of you! Imagine the really aggressive assassinations in Halo 4 but in 1st person (especially the football tackle).

I like the idea. It is something they could try out while they are still in BETA…


Love the idea. Being a avid Battlefield player, I can approve of this.

Kinda do the first person attacks like they did at the start of campaign… would be pretty neat.

I think that would be awesome, especially because one of the floods assassinations ends with them screaming right in your face. ( ) Watch til 50 secs for full effect

I like this idea, it definitely would feel more satisfying to see the animations in first person, because its more personal.

I would actually enjoy being assassinated from a first-person perspective too. It would be pretty intense to be tackled from behind, or have someone grab you from behind and break your back on their knee while you look up at them.

They look great now, if it aint broke dont fix it.

Also, being assassinated by covenant and Promethean would toss in a level of fear i haven’t felt since the flood in CE as a child. it would be hilarious to be assassinated by a grunt on that note!

> They look great now, if it aint broke dont fix it.

as i said before, it would be optional, as some would want to see from the 3rd person, or need to look around.