First Person and Third Person View Vehicular

I know I have seen this before, when I mean before I mean back when we were shouting ideas for Halo 4. This one stood out to me though, I play a lot of Battlefield 3 and I love driving and flying stuff in first person and third person.

I would like to see the same idea incorporated into the next Halo game. The ability to switch from first person to third person. I mean think of how much fun and difficult it would have been getting off the ark in Halo 3.

Here’s a video of what it may look like.

Always wanted it, it would make campaign much more enjoyable, and I already love the campaign

That would be a awesome addition to the game. It wouldn’t hurt to put that into the upcoming Halo.

they need to do this!!

That`d be great! :smiley:

That would be amazing, it makes everything more personal and exciting. While it should be an option to switch from 1st to 3rd, there should be achievements for staying in First Person while driving for entire missions.

A lot of people complain that third person is dumb, but I think that’s just being selfish. Sure, I would pick third over first because I like looking at my character during while I play (not too much to get distracted, but enough to enjoy me looking like a bada$$ while I play). But I don’t see many games doing the whole first / third option at all, which is weird. Luckily for me, I enjoy huge weapons, so turrets make me third all the time :slight_smile:

They had this in Halo 1. It was hard to shoot. But it was fun! They could do it for the Driver only.

Make it an option in the pause menu if you ask me. Hell, let us specify it per seat too.

BTW, I’d recommend removing the video from the OP, we can’t discuss modded stuff here.

yeah i have seen this argument before and personally i don’t care if it is in or not. i wouldn’t mind playing in first person, in halo ce the passenger seat of the hog was in first person and you could use your scopes so it would make for a nice mobile sniper platform.

No reason why not.