First Montage Ever - Any Tips/Tricks/ For Me?

Hey guys, I’ve been a Halo player for a very long time but recently, I’ve decided to get a capture device to make montages and commentaries and live streams.

And here I am with my first Halo 4 montage! This is first time I’ve worked with editing software [Sony Vegas Pro 12] so It is a little rough around the edges but I will get better.

Please, if you have time, Give my montage a view, a like, a comment, anything would help me out alot!

Thanks so much in advance

scout:: Quiet - A Halo 4 Montage

Great montage, I think you had some nice clips, and I liked the editing. I also like your sheer positivity and optimism, which is pretty nice to see at this point. I myself have zero/none/negative editing experience/skill, but I’ve seen montages before, and yours seemed seamless.

Thanks for a fun video.

Nurav, Thank you so much man. I was surprised to even get a reply, but when reading what you just said, damn! it means alot. seriously, thanks