First mission predictions

As most of us know, the Discover Hope trailer is the opening cinematic for Halo Infinite. At least, up until Chief jumps out of the Pelican. I have a few theories as to what might happen next.

  1. Chief discovers it is a Guardian and decides to board it. The first mission would be Chief fighting Promethean’s on the Guardian’s surface (maybe even inside it) Chief finds a way to destroy the Guardian. At the last second, Brohammer (or Pilot) picks him up with the Pelican and the two decide to land on the Halo.

  2. A massive Created fleet has arrived consisting of multiple species. Chief decides the best option is to infiltrate on of the ships and find out what the enemy is up to.

  3. Turns out, the disturbance is the Spirit of Fire. (Somehow, they have a Slipspace Drive) Badly damaged, the Spirit of Fire is being pursued by Banished forces. (Somehow, the Banished have a ship) Chief boards the Banished ship with Red Team in an effort to save Isabel who has been captured by Atriox. (To be honest, this one makes little sense)

  4. Just as Chief jumps out of the Pelican, it cuts to Chief on the UNSC Infinity trying out his new armour. Turns out the opening cutscene was a flash-foward and we are learning the events leading up to that moment.

Like #2, Created forces arriving and Chief facing them in space before heading to the surface of the ring. Just like CE, which this game is taking a ton of inspiration from.

I don’t about all that, but it’s safe to assume Chief’ll shoot some bad guys. I’d imagine the first enemies we’d face would be Cortana’s Covenant (as they’d believe her to be their god, just as they did with the Didact), before fighting Prometheans later, and maybe Flood?

It’d make more sense to me that Chief and Brohammer commandeer the ship attacking them, if possible, as the Pelican is in a pretty bad shape, and low on everything. If they have lost everything at the Ring, they’d need a ship with slipspace capabilities to get back to the rest of the UNSC, as Chief did after the first destruction of Installation 04 (after Halo CE). Or the UNSC/Good guys could just happen to find them. There’s so many options, it’s all just pure speculation.

Opening cinematic might be too much of a prediction, unless 343 really does believe that opening cinematics make good trailers (or visa versa) and looking at the past couple of games they might think that.
If not the opening it would defiantly be close to the beginning, as if not the first level then perhaps the 2nd.