First look music?

I’m shocked that such an awesome piece of music is constantly drowned by the blah blah blah from the guys @ 343i talking about “unimportant” things like gameplay, weapons and graphics and other awesome stuff (just kidding, thx for the video and sharing your news with us, 343i. Great First Look). But the music…it starts from 1:23 I guess and plays nearly till the end. At 2:30 it’s just pure epicness!

Pleeeeeeeeeease, can we have a clear version of the short piece in form of a sneak peak?

Thx guys. I’m looking forward to the game.

P.S. The BR looks great :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry wrong video.


Personally, I believe they need to incorporate some KICK @$$ DJing with the DUB STEP. 'cause uhh when it comes to just DUB STEP…I’m just not feelin it. The use of drums needs an overhaul also and the GONG off all GONG’s needs to be brought back. With Halo music, you have a warm up with the Gong, then you have a final hit on the gong, then the epic humming starts. For the DJing though listen to some linkin park, they are your friend when it comes to DJing.
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