First Infinite event impression/feedback

Good morning Spartans. I’ve had a quick flick through the forums this morning and Its safe to say the feedback is mostly negative for this weeks event, Here’s my personal opinion.

I actually think 343 are on the right track with events, but things definitely need changing going forward.

Event layout - For people like me who might only get an hour or two a day, having it split into 3 different weeks with easy progression suits my play time. But for people who can get on for longer and especially on the weekend, the progress will be done very quickly and then there’s absolutely no point doing the event unless you want to play some fiesta.

The event pass and tiers -been able to complete around 10 tiers per week with boosts is too short, even for people who won’t get much play time during the event. Imo having enough challenges to complete 15/20 tiers would be more rewarding and still very doable.

Event rewards - I’m happy with what we can unlock, we get the core, helms, shoulders and weapon coatings etc. I can see why people are annoyed that there’s more XP boosts/swaps than armour pieces and coatings, but the XP boosts have really helped me level up on my main heroes of reach pass so I’m all for it.

Moving forward - overall I’m happy with the first infinite event but here’s what I’d change.

  1. a different 15/20 tier battle pass for weeks 1,2,3. Including a different armour set each pass for the Tenrai core. (Shoulders, helmet, chest piece etc) This way we can mix and match how we want and not everyone will look the same.
  2. with it been free to play I understand cosmetics in the store. I don’t agree with this as the only way to unlock them. Why not a win matches scheme for store items such as “3 wins for the helm” “20 for the full set” etc. If people would rather pay than grind that’s fine, just make it accessible for free players.
  3. I’m glad we get a specific playlist for the event, I love fiesta. But I’d of liked to see 2/3 different game modes rotating through the week with challenges to match. Fiesta for 2 days, shotty/snipers, griffball over the weekend.

What do you guys thing should change, stay the same?