First Impressions

Progression System
To begin with, EXP/Progression needs an overhaul soon. I myself don’t mind grinding challenges but seeing people leave the game when they get the wrong gamemode is already a bad sign. The game needs a nornal XP system, even just XP for playing a match will suffice.

For example, 100 - 200xp upon match completion and 300-500xp for winning. Something simple like this would be enough for launch until a full system is made.

Armour Kits
The Noble Team armour kits are okay at best so far, there are some texture glitches but I assume they’ll be fixed at launch. However, these armours are meant to look like Noble team, so why not go all the way and have the proper armour decals and accessories to make them unique from someone slapping on the armour pieces and the coatings from the pass. Why not give Jorge’s kit a more indomitable look, which would have his spartan number and backpack. Jun’s Vigilante armour with the Knife shoulder piece and backpack.

As of now I don’t feel like there are enough daily challenges, so far I only see 1 at a time and they’re usually just play X amount of games. I feel like there should be multiple daily challenges active at once, at least a “get X amount of kills” but then keep how they refresh upon completion since there wouldn’t be any other way to earn XP if they were a 1 time thing.

Weekly challenges are a bit too specific and hurt the flow of the game, be it players not going for objective to get a unique kill, teammates leaving to get the right map/gamemode, being forced to play modes you don’t want to play since there’s no other way to earn XP.

Also, the “upcoming challenges” should just be active. Kind of like how Apex Legends or MCC do their weekly challenges, where X amount of challenges come out that week and the player is able to choose which ones they want to progress. I feel like a lot of aspects from MCC can be applied to Infinite to improve the quality.

I don’t have any complaints about the gameplay, all the weapons so far are fun to use, the equipment is an interesting solution to some of the complaints Halo 5 had, the maps are stunning (I hope later down the line we get mkre 343 made maps like these, instead of what happened with Halo 5 where most of the main maps were forged) and the armour looks great but the only downside is how it’s all locked behind the pass or the store, which hopefully isn’t the case at launch.

The mechanics overall are good, the dynamics of the game are nice and the aesthetics are phenomenal.
The one thing that will determine if the game is perpetually played is the progression, if people aren’t able to have fun progressing then I don’t see this game making it far.