First game i do a local region search and have 200+ ping

So far not a great start for the winter update


By design, you see you cant simply connect to the server that’s 50 miles from your home. You have to get rerouted across the whole globe and then you can connect to your local server.

Unfortunately same. I always see the game flipping and I can’t play properly.

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Not enough players in your area or that feature is broken. Take your pick, both are probably viable :facepunch:

Just got on to play and try out local region select and still get unstable packet loss on a 45 ms connection. Quit the match and logged on to MW2 and the multiplayer played fine. 343 is a joke

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I think the game works better now, at least for me on local.

My first 8 games I had my ping at an average of 110 to 120+ and only one game back to where I was b4 the update which was usually around 30 to 60 ping(still out of all the games I play online this was the highest ping even at these numbers) this update I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to playing Halo again since I’ve taken a 4+ month break the longest I’ve ever taken since I started playing halo when halo ce came out. I figured that it’s been a year pretty much since the game dropped so Microsoft & 343 had to get these server right by now. But I guess I was wrong sadly which blows cause I miss halo and I really do want to like Infinite but with this still happening it’s unplayable plus don’t get me started with the blank bullets as well it’s sooooo frustrating. Every other game I play no matter what plays great if not close to perfect online but for some reason Halo doesn’t still. And does the the BR nerf seem a little to much now I’m not talking long range un scoped but just med range and the bullets don’t connect when they should or if this just my game?