First day of the new weeklies and I'm already super frustrated

My 3 starting weeklies were get 3 kills in Slayer, get 1 mangler kill, and get 3 splatter kills. I thought, eh, not too bad, splatter one might take awhile but the other 2 will be cake. So I hop into quick play, hoping to get lucky and knock them both out in one match. No such luck. Mangler kill one is bugged so I have to try again in a 2nd match to get it. Meanwhile the game gives me 4 Oddball matches in a row, then a CTF. The CTF match drags on forever it feels like with neither of us able to capture a flag, game goes into overtime, and a teammate quits because he is fed up with how long the match is, then the useless replacement bot throws the match for us in the overtime. Next match is, you guessed it, CTF again, only this time I have a bot for a teammate right from the start of the match because somebody quit while loading. I instaquit that match because I’m already starting to get fed up at this point by the lack of slayer. Next match is, “anyone, anyone”, you guessed it, Strongholds instead of Slayer. I play it and then decide to try BTB instead of Quick Play, thinking maybe I can at least get those 3 splatter kills while I wait for a Slayer Match. CTF yet again, because of course it is, and I also fail to get into a vehicle once the whole match because of the crap vehicle spawn rate in infinite BTB, so no splatters either. Finally my next BTB match is Slayer. So, I had to go through 8 different matches first just to get a slayer match to do one of my 3 starting weeklies.

If they don’t give us separate Slayer and Objective playlists on the December 8th launch I’m going to be pretty annoyed honestly. There is no excuse for lumping all gametypes together like this when no past Halo games did it that way.

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