First brilliant campaign since 3!

I had high hopes for the campaign, but my 'o my has Infinite blown me away so far!

It’s back to the iconic forerunner aesthetic (and those doors!)

Enemies looking classic again, and that are actually exciting to fight (those elites, are amazing to battle).

The humour is back, the grunts are back to their best.

I’m a happy man when it comes to the campaign.

I know people have legitimate reasons to be annoyed with the multiplayer (battlepass, armour, etc) for me it’s player collisions (who ever decided to remove them will forever dumbfound me) they need to be added back asap!

But aside from that, they pulled the campaign out of the bag, I’m assuming we have Mr Joseph Staten to thank for that.

For the first time, in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to what they have for us next when it comes to the campaign…