Hey everyone, im looking for people to play warzone with. if you want to join contact me, my gamertag is - DrSneaky99

Hey sneaky! What’s up? I’d like to invite you to EpsilonFleet. We are a very active military style clan with 300+ members to date. We have players across several timezones, playlists, games, and skill levels (including warzone). On top of that we have clan events throughout the weeks. I’ve been apart of the Fleet since April and love it. I’d really like for you to check us out. Message me on here or XBL with any questions you may have. Let them know I sent you so they know I’m doing my job : ). Hope to see you soon!

Nyygma, Valkyrie Squad Lead, ONI section I app tech, ONI section II recruiter, 4th platoon CO

Greetings Spartan. We at the Toxic Wolves might only have 30+ members, but we are always on and very friendly. There isn’t too much of a hustle and bustle like the larger clans have. Check us out on my profile page and message me with any questions or concerns. Keep the fight going Spartan.

Shadow WolfieII
Co-leader of Squad Delta
Colonel of the Toxic Wolves