Fireteam Royal - (An Image Editing Experiment)

“Fireteam Royal was but one of the many Spartan teams deployed by the UNSC Infinity to navigate Installation 06’s “sentinel wall”, with the goal of deactivating the shield protecting the Library - so that they may retrieve it’s Index for safe-keeping and study. Little did they know of the danger kept within…”

This was a bit of an experiment of mine with using Halo 5’s chroma-screens and some editing and shading to see if I could create semi-convincing and cool-looking images. The answer is a resounding yes - despite obvious issues. Due to there being so many light-sources here, I couldn’t account for all of them in my shading and lighting. But still, it’s decent enough.

Anyway, as for me, you can consider me a Halo fan-fiction writer, “artist”, and roleplayer. Only recently beginning to share my stuff, though. How do you think I did?

Background Location - “Sacred Icon” level from Halo 2: Anniversary.

Spartans - “Air Assault”, “Recruit”, “Dynast helm/Orbital suit”, and “Cypher helm/Security suit” armor from Halo 5: Guardians.

Lore - “Fireteam Royal”, “Installation 06” from my own mind.