Fireteam Praedyth Wants You!

Fireteam Praedyth was formed in year 2553 August 30th. A year after the Fall of Reach and the awakening of Spartan 117.
MISSION OBJECTIVES: Provide clandestine support to other fireteams while staying out of sight and leaving no trace of unwanted evidence.
Fireteam Praedyth has aided many fireteams such as Fireteam Castle, Fireteam Crimson, Fireteam Majestic, Team Echo, Team Omega and recently Fireteam Osiris. All while remaining undetected and unaware by the other Fireteams.


  • Unconventional Warfare (UW) - Clandestine Operations - <em><strong>Unarmed Combat and Assassinations</strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong>Armed Combat (Expertise in all weapons foreign and national)</strong></em></strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong><em><strong>Multiple Language Skills</strong></em></strong></em></strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong>Search and Rescue (SAR)</strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong>Operational Support</strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong>Navigation</strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em> - <em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong><em><strong>Search and Destroy</strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em></strong></em>(Hello everyone! This is a Role-Play Fireteam made in conjunction to the halo story without ruining the plot. It’s just for fun and the feeling of being part of something bigger and more important) Anyone may join this Spartan Company. However I am looking for 3 people who would want to make a permanent fireteam, meaning that we will be playing Arena, Warzone and even the Campaign on Legendary Mode together as a fireteam of 4. Male and Female are more than welcome to be part of the fireteam as long as you meet certain requirements. Interested in being part of the 3 people for the fireteam? Ask for details! GAMERTAG: GILLIAM USN