Fireteam Orion Recruiting

Welcome to Spartan Company: Fireteam Orion

The goal of this Company is to always have a friend online that you can team up with, rather than having to battle alongside randoms who never talk and can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Halo is always more fun with friends, and we aim to form a growing community of Spartans to make this game more fun for everyone involved. Imagine the fun of Warzone with 12 people in your fireteam, or never going into Arena with randoms again. That is our ultimate goal. We don’t care what your Arena rank is, or how many Scorpion req cards you have, we just want people who have decent skill, like to have fun, are friendly, and like to play as a team.

  • Want To Build Halo Community - Have Fun Custom Game Lobbies - Also play Warzone & Arena Full Lobbies