Fireteam menu in game, when?

We can all now see that 343 is pushing the fireteam idea with new armor awarded through cooperation of a fireteam. With this in mind would it not make sense for you to be able to access your fireteam through the game rather then getting on waypoint. Give us the ability to monitor our FT Commendations from the game, see other members on line.
343 needs to follow through in projects from start to finish instead of having a bunch of slapped together, half working, fill in whole to shut people up, bugged out ideas.
They game is amazing, love it. BUT. It’s just not all there. Kinda reminds me of a block of swiss cheese. You get an entire block but not really… Hmm

“Spartan Company” :smiley:

I do wish for better in game integration for sure. I would like to see it soon if possible. One can only hope.

I hope the Warzone Firefight features players of your choosing, + the revive system from the campaign