Fireteam IcyMountain Recruiting

Hey! Are you looking for a laid back clan that has little to no requirements? Well you’ve came to the right place!

Welcome to Fireteam IcyMountain! In this clan we have no set goal, just to bring players together and make it more fun to play Halo 5! This clan is VERY NEW, witch means I need YOUR help making it become bigger, I am looking for goo leaders/trainers that aren’t to serious with there work. But, if you don’t want to be a leader you can still join, this is an open clan to all!

We even have some fun things you can do once you join! Such as…

  • Our Ranking system! Being active and just playing well in our clan or with other clan mates will rank you up. - REQ Pack rewards! Yes, that’s right, for playing with clan members or being active on the Discord/Xbox group will get you the chance to be placed in a Gold Daily REQ Pack giveaway! - Class system! (Not yet added but will be) - And daily Halo 5 Custom game matches! Just to keep the community together and to make it even more fun!
    If you’re interested in joining please contact me via Xbox @ Restlessbadge8 or if you’d like a faster response contact me on my Discord - Discord
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you on the battlefield!