Fireteam Horse

Fireteam Horse is an actual team in the Halo universe! So for you Halo fanatics looking for something better than the status quo “MLG NO SCOPEZ” Spartan companies,Look no further!

Fireteam Horse is a unit consisting of fourth-generation augmented soldiers, or Spartan-IVs. Horse was one of the known Spartan contingent units aboard the UNSC Infinity during their second mission to Requiem in early 2558.


Unified Earth Government


Presumably five Spartan-IVs

UNSC Infinity

Sarah Palmer

This is a company that consists of people with a love for halo. We support warzone and arena.
We are on the lookout for active members to show up for events and be active in the community.
Remember if you want to join please request and we will get back to you as soon as we can, Please if you do join remember to be patient.
I’ve been playing this game since November 2001

Requirements for : Fireteam Horse

  • Have a mic. - Not currently part of any other Spartan Companies - Be willing to participate in matches - Speak English (To ensure that the team can communicate with ease - Be a team player - Have a love for Halo

Our mission is to make the player reach their maximum potential, help them find their weaknesses and them help them improve on them to make the player nearly flawless. We wish to help anyone and everyone bring them to a standard where they compete and know how to win encounters easily. We will help every member where they need, helping them learn callouts, how to win encounters efficiently and learn how to strafe in close range and long range.
I hope to speak to anyone soon, thanks,

I have been looking for people to play warzone to help me get better