Fireteam Horse Recruitment!

Hey Everyone!

This is a company that consists of people with a love for halo. We support competitive warzone and arena.
We are on the lookout for active members to show up for events and be active in the community.
Remember if you want to join please request and we will get back to you as soon as we can, Remember to be patient.

Requirements to join us:

  • Have a mic. - Not currently part of another other Spartan Company - Be willing to participate in matches - Speak English (To ensure that the team can communicate with ease - We WILL NEVER scrutinize and boot members from the company based on in-game performance. We just ask that you play to win
    We are a competitive clan looking for more members to join us in our clan to help us in becoming stronger. Most of us are on everyday and we are all in different timezones therefore you will always be able to play with someone in our clan.This is a community of Spartans that strive for greatness,we are elite, and bound for glory.
    Join our Spartan company.