Fireteam Glacier Wants You!

We’re a small, close-knit group of friends, not afraid to play just for the sake of fun. We aren’t all that competitive, but we like to take it easy and enjoy the game. Plenty of laughs are had by all! Custom games, Forge, unranked playlists, Warzone, you name it. Have a custom map or gametype? You can be sure we’ll want to see it!

Who are we? As of today, we’re 90 friends interested in hanging out, enjoying Halo of all kinds, chatting, and laughing. What you won’t find are caffeine-drenched psychopaths with mouths as big as their K/Ds, nor will you find complainers who gripe about every weapon or opponent they die to. You’ll find friends, forge, fun… other words that start with f… Forerunner… Flood… falafel… feeeeeeeelings, wo wo wo…

To be honest, I’ve kinda forgotten where I was going with this; it’s starting to ramble. Where was I?

Ah, yes, Halo. Fireteam Glacier, that’s right.Well, what more can really be said right now?

Oh, yes, the Achilles armor. WE WANT THAT HELMET. It’ll take a while, but if you really enjoy Halo 5, if you would like a sweet helmet, if you like playing Halo to have fun…

See you on the virtual battlefield!


We’re at 99 members now. Keep sending in applications if you want, as we’ll be bringing more active members aboard and balancing the group so everyone has someone to play with. See you on the virtual battlefield!