Fireteam Connectivity Issues

Since launch I have had nothing but issues playing multiplayer. Either the game lags out in Warzone to where I run around shooting people inflicting no damage and end up dying 10 seconds later because someone killed me in a spot I was in a minute ago or I call in requisitions that don’t show up even though I have them available and have full use of my req level points to use them. It’s been very frustrating as the game is really fun to play when it works.

My biggest issue is trying to play multiplayer with a fireteam made up of any people that are on my network. I have 2 roommates who both got the game with me at launch and whenever we try to play any game in arena or warzone together it kicks either all of us or most of us out saying unable to join or disconnecting from server. We have only been able to play 3-4 matches together where we haven’t had this issue. We can all play separately in different modes or games at the same time but anytime we try to play together the game will not let us. No other game we own has this issue. We have all tried rebooting the xbox one, restarting the game, and restarting the router to no avail. This is really ruining the enjoyment I was hoping to get out of the game. Has anyone found a fix or workaround for this?