Fireteam Colors in Warzone?

I was thinking that there should be a different color for your fireteam when you are playing BTB or Warzone so you know where all your friends are at. Maybe green? Like Battlefield’s Squad system?

The tags are unable to be seen when you are far away but I think there should be a color applied to your fireteam so you know where all your friends are at. I think this will make games funner and more easier to conduct tactics and raids on enemy bases in Warzone.

My friends and I love to rush the enemy bases at the start of the match to buy our whole team time to get to the spire, fortress, or garage and take over but sometimes we are unsuccessful at it due to not knowing where we are all at and not knowing the map callouts to describe where we are but I think that by adding this feature it would just make identifying your friends easier.

Just a thought.

Maybe green name indicators.

I completely agree! I always say to my mates:

“Where are you guys”
“I haven’t seen you all game”
“Are you actually in my game” :smiley:

True that, it’s impossible to actually find my friends when I play XD

Different colour name banners and map locations.
Dam doesn’t matter I’m dead. So team spawn would be good as well.

Preferably a color other than green, or an implementation of a setting to change the color used for those who are color-blind. But, yeah, being able to spot friends and fireteam members would be great.

I agree. Plus you should be able to see their tags from anywhere on the map, not just a few meters away. And that goes for all players and bases too… Warzone kinda sucks in that department.

I agree with all posts above. I wanted to “roleplay” a personal bodyguard, since I wanted to introduce Halo MP to a friend (aka n00b). I failed miserably on my mission. I lacked the Intel of positions on my fellow Spartan, that I thought the UNSC would give. Now he is MIA. Haha.

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> Maybe green name indicators.

This, just like every other game has it.