Fireteam Changed Cant Play Multiplayer

Everytime i join a match 2 mins later it kicks me out to menu and says my Fireteam has changed. Nothing I do seems to work.

Same issue. What the hell?

I have the same thing!

Same issue. Any fix?

I think the problem with this is a relatively stupid glitch, it’s registers you and you “X” friends as one player slot so you get kicked to the lobby because when the game begins to load it realizes the lobby is overflowing so you enter a almost spectator mode I’ve had this happen and I do not believe there’s in fact a fix but to leave and rejoin lobby/recreate lobby

It happens to me solo. Haven’t had it happen in a group yet. BUMP

Same thing, from warzone arena and coop campaign, bump for some kind of explanation, haven’t been able to finish a game all day, have restarted and reinstalled game.

Bump, checked my nat and it was randomly on moderate so I fixed that, got it on open and still get kicked when playing with friends. (fire team changed)

Yeah I’m having the same thing happen to me. It’s gotta be a problem on 343’s end right?

I think it’s related to the other issues where you can play a couple games, then it just disconnects you as well as the campaign not loading. I’ve been having all issues.

Just played two warzone games with my bro. When we try to get another match started it says unable to connect. And it will randomly kick me or my bro back to the menus. We tried over and over again it will keep disconnecting me from my party. We tried rejoing fireteams, shutting down systems, quit lobby service. But after 20 mins straight we could not get a game started. It does this everytime we play together. We play 2-3 matches and then we cannot play anymore. Just a bunch of disconnects and unable to joins. The game should be called halo 5: unable to join