Fireteam Apollo req pack isn't showing up

I ordered the Halo Legendary Loot Crate on June 5th, and my Fireteam Apollo req pack isn’t showing up, how can I make it show up? Is it even out yet?


I don’t believe there is a REQ pack given for signing up, but you do get a Waypoint forum emblem which I see has already been awarded to you

Oh, ok, thanks, I appreciate it

It says you get a req pack for H5 which will have the Apollo emblem. When does that pack come out? Will it be a code in the first loot crate we get?

The REQ pack will likely drop inside the first crate next month

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> The REQ pack will likely drop inside the first crate next month

Solid! so the first one ships next month?

Last order are August 15th, so it should start shipping around then or just after. Hoping I’ll be back from holiday before mine arrives :slight_smile:

I have spoken with Loot Crate Support they told me that you get the req pack by going to the Halo Way Point website. I informed them that you only get the Loot Crate Badge not a req pack. I think Loot Crate needs to confirm what we need to do because alot of people are buying this expecting the emblem before the first Loot Crate. Because that is kinda how it reads on their website. They tell you to wait for a confirmation email thats not going to happen!