Fireteam Aethon- Recruitment Posts

An elite Spartan Fireteam, formed to eradicate the Promethean threat.

Welcome Spartan, are you ready to enlist in the UNSC’s most elite Spartan special forces?
Fireteam Aethon was founded to eradicate, and prevent further threats, caused by the rise in Promethean activity. With the ‘Created’ presenting an even greater threat to humanity, now more than ever are the best of the best needed.
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS- Due to the sensitive nature of the missions you’ll be expected to conduct, all Spartans must meet the necessary entry requirements.
They are as follows:
• You must be 18+
• Be able to speak fluent English
• Be able to conduct yourself in a respectable manner
• Have a unique specialty- For example are you skilled in hand to hand combat, vehicles or long ranged weapons such as sniper rifles
• Be willing to play Halo on a regular basis
• Have Halo 5 Guardians, additional Halo games are a bonus
If you are able to prove these requirements then message AlPhAcEnTuRiOn2 Fireteam Aethon’s commander for placement opportunities. Positions are limited.
Good luck Spartan, and see you on the battlefield.
Commander- AlPhAcEnTuRiOn2 S-147