Firelight Studios Machinima Contest!

Hello everybody!
I’m Avcracy, studio manager & community manager over at Firelight Studios. As well as one of their voice actors.

I’m here to announce our machinima contest.

First, the boring stuff. Guidelines.

  1. It must be 10 minutes or less.
  2. No copying off of somebody elses machinima. We’ll know if you did. We’re like Sage. Without beards.

That’s pretty much it.

Hell, if you could remake anything we’ve done, and do it better than we did, you might actually have a shot.
But, that’s selfish.

Whenever you get done with it, email it (the file or a YouTube/Vimeo link) to!

The deadline is APRIL 2ND, 2011 AT 9:00 PM EST.

Now, the cool stuff. Prizes.

First Prize: 1600 Microsoft Points
Second Prize: Defiant Map Pack (Given to us from the guys at This Spartan Life)
Third Prize: Halo: Reach poster. (Signed by me - Avcracy) (Hopefully it can be signed by bs angel and some of the 343i team. Maybe Bungie.)

If you think your machinima has a shot, send it to us! We might just put it up on our channel.
For any new information, subscribe to us on YouTube at, or follow us on Twitter @FLight_Studios.

Good luck!
-Avcracy & the rest of Firelight Studios

Awesome, can’t wait to see what people submit.

I just hope people actually participate! Haha.

Shouldn’t the poster be the first prize if it’s signed by Bungie & 343i?

> Shouldn’t the poster be the first prize if it’s signed by Bungie & 343i?

If they do sign them, then yes. But, if not (which is what I’m assuming), it will be third prize.