Anyone else really want to see a lot done to firefight in infinite. Personally it’s one of my favourite modes as its chill, however not everyone shares my opinion. Just though i would share some of my ideas which i would love to see implemented into firefight for infinite.

  1. A “lone wolf” sort of firefight-Either alone or in a team, limited ammo, a certain area to defend or an objective to complete while fighting increasing enemies-This would allow people to think of actual tactics instead of the all guns blazing we’ve seen.
  2. Firefight Rankings-Alongside the other how ever many firefight modes there should be a competitive one-every one you complete progresses you to a higher level, however the higher your level the harder the enemies-I just think it would be nice to play a hard firefight where being conscious about your team is necessary.
  3. A firefight “campaign”-it would be nice to get a small story for firefight, you team up with players or do solo. Increasing difficulty which has some secrets to the game along the way.(another way to get people to play firefight)
  4. A never ending firefight(unless dead)-like with reach’s final mission which only ends once you die, id would be quite cool to have like a objective based firefight for example doing objectives like activating something and defending it. These would be placed as objectives at time intervals eg after surviving 5 minutes, it would give you ordnance weapons which you would have to use wisely as they wouldn’t come around often.

I don’t know, feel free to comment on these. I’ve loved firefight throughout the halo games but it never gets the recognition it deserves. It would be nice to see a lot of content for firefight so people would play it the way its mean to be played.

I would also want to see fire fight return but improved in a huge way. Like aside from custom firefight they should include the ability to make our own firefight maps.