I just got Halo Reach and started playing firefight I was wondering why they don’t just add that to Halo 5 it is much better than Warzone Firefight. Can anyone give me an explanation? Please leave a comment why you think they didn’t.

Halo 4/5 PVE
-unlimited lives
-objective based

Halo ODST/Reach PVE
-limited lives

  • unlimited time (if set)
    -few to no objectives

I hope they have a classic firefight experience added in. No timers and objectives. Unless the objectives award power weapons/vehicles. Also not on giant warzone maps.

I didn’t mind the FireFight beta that I played which used the Warzone map. It was still fun, the only thing I did not like was sometimes I would join an already active session at the point where you need to defend the garage and it was already 90% taken over and then by the time I would spawn the game was lost and over.

The warzone firefight just needs to be a round or two longer with lives, that would make it interesting I think.

Because 343 likes to throw their own spin on stuff, even though it’s not as good or fun as the regular versions.