I wonder if we are getting a Firefight mode at release.

I cool take on it would be to have cutscenes with your Spartan, maybe a firefight mode where you have to board a banished ship, fight through waves in sections of the ship, mini missions and targets to kill, with the last one being destroy the ships core and.makemit go boom while trying to Exfil before it going spicy boom.

Sounds good, I do like those modes. I’ve always wanted a horde mode in the halo universe which plays like GOW.

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I doubt we’ll be getting any PvE modes at launch but I’d love to see them eventually added to Infinite, especially Firefight.
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I think this would be a seasonal content update but would be further out there, they have Forge and campaign coop on the roadmap first.

Thoroughly enjoyed both firefight and war zone and would be delighted to see these return to Halo.

For the Dec 8 launch? I’d be more than happy to be wrong, but there’s just no way. As a diehard classic Firefight fan and as someone who has always generally preferred Halo’s PvE sandbox experience to the competitive MP scene, I’ve had my antennas tuned for any hint at a PvE experience beyond the campaign for this game for years, and I can’t recall any evidence whatsoever indicating that 343i has ever prioritized making a mode like this for launch.

Even if something has been in the works, the fact that features as core to Halo as Forge and Campaign Co-Op have been pushed to post-launch all but guarantees that we’re not getting something like a Firefight mode at launch, sadly.

That said, I do expect fully that 343i will attempt to recreate Firefight yet again and introduce it as a big Year 2 or 3 expansion. The only question is which, if any, legacy “Firefight” modes this new mode will resemble. At this point, let alone within the next handful of years, there are getting to be as many vocal fans of Warzone Firefight as there have been of ODST/Reach Firefight. Unfortunately, I think the design philosophies for these different modes aren’t really compatible, so 343i will have to “pick a lane” to a lesser or greater extent on that front.

Anyways, that last bit is all rampant speculation. All I’m super confident about is that Infinite’s main campaign will be the only PvE offering in this game for the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t expect to even hear about any additional PvE content via the inevitable campaign expansions until late next year.


I would love a FireFight mode where it feels like our actions are affecting the world, and might I add, 343 did say that our multiplayer Spartan’s actions will affect the world, so here’s to hoping

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i never played the warzone mode but i would for sure love to see an eventual firefight mode


I’m hoping against hope that firefight is an offshoot of campaign somehow.


Right liker a story further in but from your Spartans perspective

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That’d be a reasonably seamless way to introduce a PvE experience, sure. Something akin to freeroaming Zeta Halo completing FOBs and other dynamic world events as your MP Spartan rather than Chief. I’m not expecting that at launch, at all, but feels very plausible as a mode which might be easier to implement than a full-on Firefight mode and therefore might be released sooner. Here’s hoping!

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