Firefight Vehicles

A few questions here…

First off, Yesterday, I was playing 2x Score Attack on Installation 04 (trying to get the challenge that requires you to kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking).

What didn’t make sense was that every time I killed a banshee, it didn’t count towards my challenge, yet I played Gruntpocalypse just before it, and killing the banshees did count towards it.

Does anyone know if 2x Score Attack just doesn’t count because the bullets to more damage (or everything’s just weaker, I don’t know). Either way, the challenge only said to “kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking,” which 2x Score Attack is.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to which map to play to get that challenge faster? Maybe a map with some Ghosts or something?

For 2x score attack the banshee does not count if you shoot it with the dmr, assault rifle, magnum, needle rifle, focus rifle, etc. What the concensus is is that you merely kill the driver of the vehicle before it explodes. However if you use a heavy weapon on them, or shoot them down with a sniper rifle then it WILL count. I know in gruntpocalypse it counts and skirmageddon as well, normal score attack also. You might also want to try shooting a turret in use by a grunt or brute. The turret if in use will count as a vehicle. For best results on 2x score attack however, try to destroy banshees with either rockets, spartan laser, sniper rifle, plasma launcher. I think it can count if you EMP it if it falls enough down into a kill zone but this is sketchy.

I figured it would be something like that. Makes sense, but it doesn’t at the same time, since you’re technically still destroying the vehicle.

ive used the sniper against the banshee in 2x score attack before for it to not count, i have emped the banshee a few times which has worked on Hold out and other times suing the human turret has worked and then other times it hasnt.

you can bring down the banshee’s in Gruntpocalypse or any other gametype in score attack with basically any weapon very easy apart from 2x score attack which is a little bit harder for the vehicle to count since they are so much more weaker.

if u wanna get the 10 vehicle kills then i suggest you play FF Arcade on Installation04, Holdout or Beach head which should take roughly 2 games and if you do see any covie using the human turret, make sure you shoot the turret so it breaks which will count as a vehicle kill, it dont matter if you kill the covie or not.

Use a heavy weapon against Banshees for 2x score attack and fiesta. This includes laser, rocket, FRG, or a plasma launcher. You can even stick it or EMP the vehicle off the map. If you only have a sniper rifle you have to weaken the Banshee first. Damage it with an assault rifle, magnum, plasma repeater, focus rifle or burst fire a turret until you see faint black smoke and then snipe it.