Firefight Ultra-Evolved: Ideas

Options in the menu:

Game end>Collection (Pelican picks you up)
---------------Default (Ends like reach did)
Game start>Crashdown (Cutscene shows pelican crashing into desired map)
---------------Default (Starts normally)
ODSTs/Marines on map (On, off)

HUD and gameplay>ODST style (like ODST)
-------------------------Marine style (Like SWAT)
-------------------------Spartan III style (like reach)
-------------------------Spartan II style (like h3)

Any other ideas?

I like the pelican idea, where you wait until the end of the game. You’re being overwhelmed. You’re surrounded when the pelican comes to get you. It has health and may be destroyed, so long as you get out in time. That and it only stays for 30 seconds before aborting, so don’t waste your time and get the hell out of there!