Firefight Terminus lowers win/loss ratio?

I’ve noticed that every game of Terminus Firefight was recorded as a loss. You can see this as there were a string of losses on my record. Is there a way to avoid this (like reaching a certain round), or is this just an oversight on 343i’s end?

Probably oversight, as it doesn’t count towards the winning challenges either. Didn’t know it affected record though, mines probably horrendous at this point from all the firefight I’ve been doing.

Nah it doesn’t affect win rate

My service record proves otherwise

It affects win rate. I wish it would count as a victory after a certain wave level.

Haha it has to be a bug, either that or 343 actually put a final wave that you will never get to!
“So enjoy losing for the rest of your life!”

Aren’t there only 100 waves? What if it only counts as a win if you beat all 100 hahaha. It would be a bittersweet joke on their part. Sure it sucks because it’s currently incredibly hard to do all 100, but it also adds to the challenge in that it adds a loss to your record if you fail.

I could go without it altogether. But it’s only one loss for 60-75+ minutes of gameplay. I can live with that. You could do 3-6 regular games in that time and make up for your loss.