Firefight Spawns Am I Right? Dear God...

Why is it that 8/10 when I’m in a later round of a game (hell sometimes in the earlier stages) I get spawned in the Garage or Armory
But when I turn around there’s an entire squad of Elites/Super Grunts/A Badass Scattershot Knight with a BAAAD Attitude (coming to a theater near you when 343i makes another satisfactory Halo Game, because they haven’t done it since 2012)
Why? is it too much to ask to just be able to CHOOSE where I spawn like in PvPvE Warzone? I get it, you guys are hard at work making Halo 6. But some Quality Assurance goes a LONG way in keeping the low player base you have left satisfied. I must have a moment of silence for the 5 SPNKR EMs I’ve lost to this…

Moment passed. Alright, another issue. Wardens, and their hordes of Enemies. Three Wardens is bad enough, but why are there 10 Incinerator Knight Captains flanking him? I understand you can’t just have them alone, that’d be too easy (since they don’t know how to design interesting bossfights that don’t rely on footsoldiers aside from the Goblin. Good on you for that by the way, it’s a fun fight, although I wish he moved around the map more, taking you on a cross-map 8v1 Power Armor vs. Mecha battle). But with the Legendary Difficulty apparently set for all of these AI, why bombard us with all of these guys instead of just making the boss strong enough to last the five minutes you have and then some?

Also completely unrelated, but can we get the Cyclops as a cross-promotional REQ for Halo Wars 2? I really wanna punch a Goblin in the face in a Mech duel Power-Rangers 60’s edition style. I mean the Spartans already look like Power Rangers might as well go all the damn way with this.

Man I’m with you but lets say at 90% haha. You are totally right, we should be able to select where to respawn, it’s pretty difficult that we only have five minutes to beat the boosses but having to run all trhough the map is just unfair. Also, the Warden is still so lame, he don’t move from his spot but I like having lots of enemies guarding him. I don’t know, it’s too messy but I like that. And the respawning times, man! Having to wait for 40 seconds is too much for a 5 minute match and not knowing where the enemies are is worst.