Firefight Small Bug Reports

So I’m sure 343 probably knows about most of these problems or has a few threads on them but imma just pull the ones i found together:

  • Promethian Soldiers will stand still on top of the seat of a hijacked warthog passenger. kinda funny actually. Stays until seat is re-hijacked. Could also be a problem with any other enemies that can hijack passengers but idk. - Couldn’t kill elites in phantoms except with needler (probably just because beta) - Can still use Gambit: Spartan Kills in Warzone Firefight (would you get the max reward or no reward since everyone would be 1st?) - Beginning cutscene has no audio (also prob because beta) - If your vehicle spawns at garage, you have a good chance of getting either immobilized or killed before being able to even control your vehicle (happens because we cant choose vehicle spawn) - Weapons and vehicles despawn really quick like i cant even send my friend to pick them up they go away so fast343 is doing a great job with firefight and aside from that garage objective all the other bugs i know of are minor, but post any problems/exploits/glitches/general weird stuff/annoyances you guys find in firefight.

On Darkstar,
I Plasma Pistoled One Mantis several times. The driver got out and was invincible and invisible, firing his AR.