Firefight Reflections

I’m definitely pleased with this addition. Im a pretty casual player, just over 1.0 k/d, but with 7 randos we stomped everything - which is cool, but i miss that sweaty ‘hold the line’ feeling that the ODST firefight had. Especially with Reqs, i never felt that we were in any real danger of being overrun. The opening line “you’re the last boots on the ground” really sets the stage, but it just never sold me on the severity of the situation. I think 1 more round and a few more enemies per round would be welcome additions. Perhaps a slight increase in time as well.

I want to feel like I earned that scorpion call-in, but i also don’t want to be invincible in the scorpion.

Overall reflection: love where it’s going, love being able to have your own spartan appearance and the 8 person experience; just want it a little bit harder.

I also think some extended time would allow for people to spawn meaningful vehicles with some time left in the game to use them