Firefight Reborn Gametype and Maps

Hey eveyone!

I just wanted to share a new gametype and maps I made that are similar to Firefight.

Here is a video trailer:

Firefight Reborn Trailer

And here are the game details:

Introducing Firefight Reborn! This gametype is an Infection gametype modified to play like Firefight in Halo 3: ODST. Here is how you play:

There are a group of ODSTs that must survive each round as long as they can. They must work together and use weapons, vehicles, and whatever cover they can find to fight off the horde of Covenant. The ODSTs are a little stonger and have better health and shields, but the shields take longer to recharge, they have a lower jump height and they are slower.

The Covenant must do whatever they can to find and kill the ODSTs by using weapons and vehicles that upgrade overtime. They can also spawn in Spirits and Phantoms and use their turrets. The Covenant are weaker, have worse shields, but have a higher jump height, are faster, and greatly outnumber the ODSTs.

The three maps included are: Installation 05, Outpost, and ONI.

Installation 05 is sort of similar to Installation 04 from Reach. It takes place on the ring of Installation 05 at an ancient Forerunner structure the UNSC are trying to power back on.
Installation 05 Gameplay

Outpost is inspired by Lost Platoon from Halo 3: ODST. It is one of the many battle grounds that were used during the Battle of Mombasa.
Outpost Gameplay

ONI is heavily inspired by Alpha Site from Halo 3: ODST. Here, the ODSTs must stop the Covenant from reaching the ONI building, or the Covenant may find information that could lead them to winning the war.
ONI Gameplay

This game is meant to be played with about 4-12 players. ODST squads can be any size ranging from 1-4 players.

NOTE: Sometimes the maps will despawn objects during certain rounds. I’m pretty sure this is a forge map problem in the game, but I will look into how to fix it.

The gametype and maps are available now on my fileshare. You can access my profile by using the Forge Leaderboards method.

My gamertag is xxXBarthXx.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, or message me on Xbox Live!