Firefight points randomly disappear.

So, here’s my problem:

I recently finished a firefight match in the PC version of the MCC. My problem starts with the bonus round, during the bonus round I started to get huge amounts of lag like something was going on with the game, and then my computer finally froze. Before all of this, I had accumulated a total of over ten thousand points which would’ve gotten me a lot of XP as a result, but after my screen was no longer frozen, me and the other players lost all of our points by the time the bonus round was over, so we left empty-handed.

Is this a well-known problem that’s been going on lately? Because it’s really frustrating losing all of my points like that, I’m thinking it could have possibly been some stupid script-kiddie that wanted to spoil the fun.

I’ve had this a few times. Not recently, but when the game first launched, first couple weeks, this happened about a half-dozen times to me unfortunately. Not isolated it seems.